Hello! My name is Claire Bretschneider. I grew up in NJ. I have two cousins who exposed me to sign language during our childhood. I went to college at Boston University and graduated with a degree in theatrical set design and a minor in visual arts. After college, I moved to NYC and began working in film, television and theatre. My job is quite unique, incredibly creative, and allows me to engage with a diverse group of talented individuals. However, since college, I've been thinking about ASL-English interpreting, which brought me to LaGuardia. Through this program’s outstanding curriculum and faculty, both my heart and mind have been expanded; I have grown immensely as a human being.

My internships have offered me the fortune of working closely with the community, which have each been truly enriching experiences. Looking to the future, I hope to interpret in education, theatre & the arts, and the outdoors, as well as many other fields. Thanks for stopping by! Please contact me for more information.